We Believe In Real Friendship, Real Truth, Real Fun and Real Life!

University campuses and workplaces after college are intellectually rigorous, emotionally volatile, and spiritually challenging. In order for our group to be as Christ-like as possible during this time in our lives, we commit to the ideals of evangelism, spiritual development, fellowship, and service.

Gators For Christ is a student & post-grad organization in Gainesville, Florida. We are made up of students from the University of Florida, Santa Fe Community College and recent graduates. We are offically connected as a student group with Florida and Santa Fe, and sponsored by the University City church of Christ in Gainesville - Map to UCCC.  Our Campus & Post-Grad Minister is Donny Dillon #352-372-4911 and Leadership Team.  Please call us if we can assist you in anyway!

The Mission of Gators For Christ is primarily to serve and glorify God.

Our goal is to facilitate:

We commit to forming continuous, sincere relationships with non-Christians. We provide a welcome and open atmosphere at group activities including church. We create more opportunities with special emphasis on evangelism. We strive to demonstrate our faith through our words and actions in a Christ-like manner.

Spiritual Development
Our mission is to use our spiritual foundation daily to grow in knowledge of the Bible and strengthen our faith both individually and as a group. We do this by providing a spiritual environment for ongoing encouragement and guidance leading to an ever-developing relationship with God.  
We commit to building strong, lasting relationships with each other by including fellowship in every aspect of ministry. By promoting acceptance, we create a fun environment during group activities that will make enjoyable memories to last a lifetime and beyond.

We commit to giving of our time and efforts to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate than we are. In our quest to help others we hope to spread the gospel by imitating Jesus.

Facebook Group & Instagram - Gators for Christ

Santa Fe College E-connect (https://sfcollege.collegiatelink.net/organization/gatorsforchrist)

UF Connect at (https://www.dso.ufl.edu/documents/nsfp/Finding_A_Center_with_the_CMC.pdf

UF Gators for Christ also hosts Gators in Recovery http://iengage.multicultural.ufl.edu/center_for_understanding/campus_multi_faith_cooperative/gators_in_recovery/

Also all foreign students - Learning English Using the Bible Class every Sunday morning from 9am-10am @ UCCC Gym (4626 NW 8th Ave) by Roger & Peggy Sedlacek & Various College Students - also get a free easy to read Bible (Please email peggy.sedlacek@gmail.com with any questions).