Here is this mid week inspiration on “Resilience” by Chad Holway -   After you watch please read James 1:2-18 and answer the following questions: 1. How resilient is your faith in the midst of trial?  2. What is your source of joy right now and how does it make a difference?  3. Do you see trials as traumatic or an opportunity to learn & grow?  Why or why not?

If you missed this Sunday’s message from me on “Living a Life of Purpose” it is at and catch Reed Henson this coming Sunday at 11am at University City Church of Christ Facebook page or at http://www/  

Also all 2020 Grads stop by Krispy Kreme tomorrow March 19th only for a free dozen assorted donuts - details at

Have a blessed day & love you all lots as family in Christ,
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Inspirational Thought -
Our Sunday and Wednesday messages are reaching a lot of people they might not have not normally reached with the Good News of Jesus!  This happens through views (sometimes over 1,000 views per week from both the Sunday lesson and mid week message) Please pray for the impact on places it's being sent — even internationally through our foreign students and to friends of our church members to the Bahamas, China, Brazil, Mexico, Italy & Colombia. To God be the glory!!