Hope you are having a blessed week!  Our mid week summer B Bible discussion will meet this Wednesday at 7:30pm outdoors near the main church building (4626 NW 8th Ave) with chairs 6 feet apart with Darren sharing the discussion.  Catch this coming Sunday at 10:30am either in person at University City Church of Christ (worship only 10:30-11:30am with Ryan Leachman sharing the message with social distancing in place - every other row taped off and six feet apart from other parties, please wear mask entering and leaving the building until you are seated - free masks are provided) or live online (or anytime afterwards) at UCCC Facebook page or at http://www/!  Happy birthday this week to Matthew Phillips!

Have a blessed day & love you all lots as family in Christ,
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Inspirational Thought
Many of you are asking for others to share your favorite and most inspiring Bible verses, stories and passages of scripture on social media - what a great ideal as we continue to encourage one another and be encouraged by others in Christ and also leading others to Jesus during this time.  I look forward to this fall to getting back together to whatever capacity we can in person and spreading the good news of Jesusí love to others around us and to those we can bring know salvation through Christ for the first time - remember the problems in this world may constantly change, but our mission as disciples of Christ never changes!

Other Events Coming Up Are:
Sunday Aug. 2nd - GFC Grad Appreciation & End of the Year Banquet, 12pm (Social distancing will be in place - households can sit together and there will be individual settings as well tables 10 feet apart - come celebrate with all of our grads one last time - $5 per person - grad and their families are free)

Sept. 25-27 Loco in Cocoa 20th Annual Statewide College & Post Grad Retreat (new venue with chairs & rows 6 feet apart)