Thanks to the Payne family for hosting a packed house for our Hawaiin Dinner & great Devotional by Chad Holway last night!  Invite a friend with you this week as we conclude our February series on God’s Amazing Love for Us!  Happy birthday to Jessica Reynolds, Autumn Fuchs, Katherine Howell & Trey Dean this week!  Come support our GFC softball corec team tonight at 7:30pm at UF SW Rec Fields!  This week before Spring Break begins Friday we have:

Tuesday, Feb. 25th     Pot Luck Post Grad Dinner at Alex Lancasters home (2111 NW 76th place), 6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday, Feb. 26th     “Peak of the Week” College & Post Grad Bible Class on “Shook By Prayer to Our God” by Darren at UCCC Gym, 7pm (4626 NW 8th Avenue - Bring friends!); Bahamas Mission Trip Deposits Due $50; Afterwards Ultimate Frisbee in Gym; GFC Men’s Softball (1-0) at UF SW Rec Center, 9:30pm

Thursday, Feb. 27th         Ladies Small Group by Rene at Katie's place (Bridgelight Apartments - 3006 SW 23rd Street Apt. 53 - door with orange and blue home sign with the state of Florida and Gator on it - park anywhere), 7pm; Men's Small Group Dinner Bible Study by Darren at Zach & Greg's place (8111 SW 74th Place), 7pm

Have a blessed day,
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Inspirational Thought From Ryan Hart, GFC Alumni  
Matthew 5:48. This is one of my favorite verses. 
"Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

Obviously we can't literally be perfect. We do have flesh that fights with our spirit. And we fall to temptations at times. But this verse challenges us to be perfect. To abstain from sin. To count others more significant than ourselves. To forgive. To love. If we aren't doing the best we can, then we aren't doing it right. We have to put our best foot forward at all times while striving to be perfect. Jesus doesn't offer this as a choice. It's more of a command. Life may get hard, things may get rough, but we are still to live lives that are always striving for perfection in Christ.

Free Money
From GFC Alum Chris Suggs - We are running a promo of $200 free dollars for us for opening a checking account and having deposit of at least $500 by April 30th. Telephone. 352-367-5135 BBVA Bank - 1140 N. Main Street, Gainesville.

Upcoming GFC Big Events:
Feb. 29 - March 5 Spring Break Missions & More Trip to Tennessee
March 12 - Serve Dinner to the Homeless at St. Francis House, 5:30-6:30pm
March 13 - Dinner & Game Night at Hortons, 7pm
March 21 - GFC Men’s Prayer Breakfast, 8am & Coed Paintball afterwards, 9am ($25)
March 22 - Dinner & Devotional at TBA, 7pm
March 29 - Bahamas BBQ Lunch, 12pm
April 9 - Serve Dinner to the Homeless at St. Francis House, 5:30-6:30pm
April 12 - Service Project: Easter Egg Hunt for Kids at UCCC and Community, 12pm
April 18 - Orange & Blue Football Game, 12pm
April 19 - Grad Appreciation Dinner, 7pm
April 25 - Service Project: FBC BBQ & Silent Auction, 11am-1pm