As we wrap up summer B this week - Join Kato, Jared, Val and others for running stadiums workout this Wednesday at 6pm at UF Football Stadium Gate 18 before Bible class.  Our mid week summer B Bible discussion will meet this Wednesday at 7:30pm in the church gym (4626 NW 8th Ave) with chairs 6 feet apart with Darren sharing the discussion on Ephesians.  

Catch this coming Sunday at 10:30am either in person at University City Church of Christ (worship only 10:30-11:30am with Gene Black sharing the message with social distancing in place - every other row taped off and six feet apart from other parties, please wear mask entering and leaving the building until you are seated - free masks are provided) or live online (or anytime afterwards) at UCCC Facebook page or at http://www/!  Happy birthday to Nicki Morris this week!

Have a blessed day & love you all lots as family in Christ,
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Twitter: @Gators for Christ

Inspirational Thought - If you are looking for a guide to use with friends who are seeking the Savior, check out this resource from Campus Ministry United.  It is a guide you can use to easily go through scriptures and questions together in helping someone become a disciple of Jesus!  There are also lots of other resources & lessons from our past retreats together at this website - 

Other Events Coming Up Are (Save the Date):
Sept. 2. GFC Kickoff College & Post Grad Class in the Gym, 7pm (chairs and rows six feet apart - please wear a mask)
Sept. 25-27 Loco in Cocoa 20th Annual Statewide College & Post Grad Retreat (new venue with chairs & rows 6 feet apart)