Each Wednesday night in April we will have our Gators for Christ Bible class posted on YouTube and here is the link for our Peak of the Week brief Bible study for today April 1 from Midly Jadis -  Also for fun here is a video Midly made - that really makes me crave Chick-Fil-A opening up again (at least we have the drive thru)!  This Sunday morning lesson from Reed will be available to watch anytime after 8am at   Our Sunday morning lesson will also be available to watch on Facebook live at University City Church of Christ Facebook page at 11am (and can be viewed anytime thereafter). Just a reminder we will not be meeting at all until the CDC, our countries leaders and our elders direct us otherwise.

Happy birthday to Ebony Brown, Midly Jadis, Maria Godwin and Kellie Shackleton this week, and Robert Waite next week!  If you have an inspirational thought or prayer request you want to share with our campus ministry and post grads please email reply it to me and we will share it with everyone the following Monday.

Have a blessed day and now more than ever be diligent for Gods work & in prayer,
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